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Company Description

Since 1987, EDT has led the industry for designing, manufacturing and supporting high-speed interface cards for digital data transfer and image acquisition. With top technical experts and outstanding customer support, EDT gives customers the necessary means to reach the speeds and meet the challenges of the quickly-evolving imaging world.

Markets Served

Our comprehensive product line includes solutions for astronomy, aerospace technology, satellite imaging, traffic cameras, industrial and machine vision, and microscopy.

Customer & Technical Support

EDT offers many support options from custom design of hardware and software to phone consultation, as well as comprehensive technical help via the website.


EDT has the solution for most CCD camera interface applications. Supported camera interface specifications include AIA, LVDS, RS-422 and Camera Link. We offer broad operating system and platform support with device drivers for Linux, Windows, Solaris, VxWorks and Mac O/S, and form factors for PCI, PMC, Compact PCI and PCI Express (available third quarter, 2005).

Engineering Design Team (EDT)
1100 NW Compton, Suite 306
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Phone: (503) 690-1234 or (800) 435-4320
Fax: (503) 690-1243
Number of Employees: 26
Year Founded: 1987

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