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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Dome Type LED Light Sources

Improved Inspection of Curved Metal Surfaces

Moritex has announced a new line of Dome type LED light sources designed to evenly illuminate object surfaces by reflecting on the dome inbound light fibers arranged at 360 angles along the lower section of the dome.

Based upon Moritex's proprietary MG-Wave constant current technology the new Dome LED's provide even illumination improving inspection of curved metal surfaces as well as printed surfaces such as the bottom of aluminium cans. Two different size of MG-Wave Dome LED's are available, each in four different wavelengths: red, green, blue and white.

Moritex's 'MG-Wave' LED lighting includes a range of unique technical features. Specified colors of Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) are arranged in a high-density package to provide long-life, compact, lightweight and efficient lighting for image processing and inspection applications. MG-Wave LED lighting provides longer stable images than other forms of lighting. Unlike other forms of lighting there is no deterioration caused by repeatedly switching the light on and off. Operating across a narrow bandwidth MG-Wave makes it easy to acquire the contrast critical for image processing. Incorporated in the LED light the MG-Wave constant current detection system reads the signal to control the rated current that is adjusted to the number of LED's in every lighting module.

The MG-Wave range also includes high powered spot, direct ring, low angle ring, shadowless, edge backlit, array backlit, coaxial, bar, linear, oblique and parallel lighting LED's as well as power sources and a wide variety of LED lighting accessories.

MORITEX Natick, Mass

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