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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Display System Transforms the Houston Rodeo

Attendees at the recent Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo saw all the action on 32 individual LED screens.
Attendees at the recent Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo saw all the action on 32 individual LED screens.

Visualization pioneer Barco (Kortrijk Belgium) announced that Houston-based LD Systems selected Barco MiTRIX transparent LED modules for multiple high-resolution video walls in their custom installation for the 2009 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The three-week event in March, billed as the world's largest livestock and rodeo show, combined both competitions with a big-name concert series under one roof, Houston's Reliant Stadium.

With 32 individual LED screens comprised of more than 4,000 MiTRIX modules suspended from the stadium's ceiling, the LD Systems structure needed to be reconfigured easily on an event-by-event basis. During the rodeo competition, the MiTRIX structure served as an overhead IMAG and statistics display, while during concert mode, the bottom LED skirt descended to the stadium flooróbecoming the footer skirt for the rotating concert stage. The concert stage backdrop is comprised of nearly 1,000 panels. The entire transformation takes only 20 minutes.

Lighting elements within the arena included multiple High End Systems' luminaires. Video content was fed to the MiTRIX walls in four zones with Barco DX-700 LED digitizers providing the processing.

The MiTRIX modules were chosen in part, because of their transparency, light weight, and superb brightness. "This technology has never been used for a rodeo before," said Scott Justis, Marketing Manager for LD Systems, "and this show has definitely raised the bar for rodeos. The MiTRIX was chosen for its weight, its brightness, but especially because of its transparency. On our previous stages, the backdrop was fabric, and the audience around back could not see the performers except for the IMAG. But because you can see through the MiTRIX modules, even when the brightness is turned up, you can still see the performers and the band, even when the stage is rotated away from a portion of the audience."

"There's a lot of dust in there, and it gets over everything," he added. "We realized that we really needed an all-weather product. So, in addition to resolution, the MiTRIX durability and serviceability really played into it. In fact, we didn't start on the 3D design until we were comfortable with the product selection. Moving forward, because we own the modules, we want to offer this technology for our other corporate, trade show, concert and touring clientele."

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