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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Discovery Channel Program Selects Photron Camera for Slow-Motion Imaging


Photron, Inc., (San Diego, Calif.) is supplying the high-speed Fastcam SA1 camera for the slow-motion imaging of fascinating phenomena, animal behavior and human feats on Discovery Channel's new television series, "Time Warp." Photron, a leading manufacturer of high-speed cameras and motion-analysis software systems, has teamed with co-hosts Jeff Lieberman, an MIT scientist and teacher, and digital photography expert Matt Kearney of Tech Imaging Services (Salem, Mass.).

The slow-motion camera offers super-fast frame rates, capable of broadcasting extremely high-resolution, high-definition TV up to 5,400 frames per second (fps). The camera also can achieve near HD resolution at up to 10,000 fps for the TV series.

"Time Warp" uses advanced imaging technologies to present natural "everyday" activities and extraordinary human achievements or other phenomena, slowing the imagery down to the point that viewers can see virtually every remarkable detail in an event or process. Photron's Fastcam SA1 camera has produced the extraordinary high-speed imagery, including an extremely slow motion sequence of popcorn popping at 10,000 fps, a water balloon popping at 20,000 fps, a samurai sword slicing through a tatami mat, a tattoo needle piercing a man's arm 80 to 150 times per second, a Kun Tao master breaking through a stack of concrete blocks with approximately 5 tons of force, and much more. Shown each week on the Discovery Channel, many of the sequences also can be viewed online at

Photron's slow motion cameras provide superior, true, 12-bit resolution for excellent color fidelity, great light sensitivity and microsecond global shuttering to freeze all the action. Capable of imaging up to 675,000 fps at reduced resolution, the Fastcam SA1 is DC-powered and features both high definition (HD) and RS-170 video outputs for easy integration. For more information visit

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