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Digital Watermarking



Digital Watermarking

Detecting the Opportunities

by Barry Mazor

March 2003

The Participants:

Randy Cole is Chief Technology Officer of Portable Audio and Infotainment at Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX. (

Jeffrey A. Bloom is the Technology Leader at Sarnoff Corporation in Princeton, NJ. (

Bruce Davis is the CEO and Chairman of Digimarc in Tualatin, OR. (

James Stoffel is the Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. (

Randy  Cole
Bruce Davis
James Stoffel
Jeffrey A. Bloom

Outside forces have made this an excellent time to look at new uses and markets for digital watermarking technology. But questions rwmain as to if and how the watermarking sector will take advantage of those forces-and whether they're more subject to them than is comfortable fo the long run. We've gathered some key industry leaders to take on these issues-and to assess these opportunities.

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