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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Digital Asset Management Grows In Brooklyn



Digital Asset Management Grows In Brooklyn

DAM Users Conference Shows Off Latest Tools

By Hank Russell

BROOKLYN, NY (March 29) ? Occupying a floor of the Brooklyn Marriott was The Sixth Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management (DAM) Symposium, a two-day event featuring discussions on the latest technologies and trends for the digital asset management industry and the latest products as well.

With more than 300 in attendance, the conference turned a luxurious ballroom into a luxurious showcase of the latest tools for the DAM user.

Ancept Media Server

Ancept, a Business Partner with IBM ( Armonk , NY ), have teamed up to develop the Ancept Media Server ( AMS ). (Last summer, Ancept was acquired by Stellent, Inc., an Eden Prairie, MN-based global provider of content management solutions.)

AMS is a platform for transforming rich media asset creation and distribution capabilities away from closed, proprietary, physical and analog to open, extensible, digitally based asset creation, management and distribution. Both IBM and Ancept designed and implemented an integrated, extensible, open standards-based solution that enabled IBM 's Worldwide Image Library (WWIL) to respond more effectively and in real time to the user's needs for promotional imagery.

Key components include IBM DB2® Content Manager, version 7.1 software; IBM DB2 Universal Database? for AIX®, version 7.1; IBM WebSphere® Application Server, Version 3.5; Ancept Media Server, version 2.7; and IBM e-server pSeries? servers. In addition, AMS ingests, indexes and manages a wide variety of image, document, XML, text, audio, video and animation content. Unique processing rules, transformators and indexing techniques can be defined for each type of content. It can ingest a variety of source formats and transcode to and store any number of other available formats for streaming or distribution to other systems, such as non-linear editors or broadcast servers.

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