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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Day/Night Exchanger for C/CS Cameras with Pixim Chipsets from Sunex

The exchangers are designed to work specifically with Pixim DPS chipsets

Sunex is pleased to introduce a new product that provides true day and night (TDN) capability to C/CS mount cameras based on Pixim chipsets. The new Sunex CSS-EXM-IRC21 is compatible with C or CS mount cameras and joins the existing M12-EXM-IRC21 with integrated lens mount (M12) in Sunex's Day/Night switcher line. In low-light conditions the exchanger maximizes the light transmission to the sensor. In full-light conditions the exchanger optimizes the color rendition of the image.

The exchangers are designed to work specifically with Pixim DPS chipsets. Operation is simple, requiring only a mating, 2-pin connector and a 3V, 100ms signal. One signal inserts the IR cut filter between the lens and the sensor for daytime operation, optimizing the color rendition. The opposite signal exchanges the IR-cut filter with a clear AR coated window to maximize the light transmission in low-light conditions. The latching solenoid requires power only to switch, minimizing power consumption and heat generation.

The compact size is ideal for miniature cameras and allows the flexibly to choose different lenses based on the application. With a small footprint and mounting holes designed specifically to mate with the Pixim reference PCB, both exchangers are drop-in solutions to make the existing camera design a true day/night camera. SUNEX INC. Carlsbad, Calif.

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