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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Cutting-edge Diamond Machining Delivers Ultra-smooth Mirrors from Kaleido Technology

High Precision Optics and Optical Systems at Competitive Prices

Kaleido Technology ApS has upgraded its proprietary diamond machining capabilities enabling it to produce on-axis, off-axis and free form mirrors (up to 700 mm diameter) with a surface roughness of less than 3 nm rms and a slope accuracy of better than 70 μrad. In addition to large and complex ultra-smooth mirrors the geometrical freedom inherent in Kaleido’s unique machining set-up enables it to produce off-axis parts with very long working distances that cannot be done by on-axis turning. Using their ultra-precision machining centre, Kaleido Technology is able to take a CAD file directly from a customer to produce prototype and production quantity mirrors to the highest degree of accuracy and surface finish. Kaleido Technology is a leading European manufacturer of OEM discrete and integrated optical components and sub-systems. Through innovative production methods the company seeks to provide high precision optics and optical systems at competitive prices.

A new datasheet describing machining of large and complex ultra-smooth mirrors is available from the Kaleido Technology website.

Kaleido Technology ApS Farum, Denmark

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