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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Custom Lenses Becoming Standard

Edmund Optics TML-HP series of telecentric lenses.
HA16x6.3ERM from Fujinon.
Janos Technology ASIO Microscopic Objectives lens.
Leica Microsystems HCX PlanApo 100x TIRFM.
12mm MeVis-C Lens Megapixel cameras from LINOS.
Ocean Optics Optical Reference Flats.
Melles Griot Merchant Optical Coating Service.
Sunex minature Magapixel lens.
Nikon's White Light TIRF Microscopy Illumination system.

By Stacey Meacham

Even with a large selection of standard lenses, many customers require a custom lens design for their application or a modification of a current lens. “Such as changing the F-number of a lens, or changing the IR cutoff filter inside the lens,” said Peter Allard, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sunex (Carlsbad, Calif.). “Recently, the most requested custom lens design is for customized distortion - or called tailored distortion - for wide angle field of view lenses. We see a continuous trend toward higher resolution image applications; moving from 1.3M to 3M. Some new security applications are looking for 8M resolution lenses. In the Mobile phone market, most everyone is requiring auto focus solutions for their 3M cameras. There is also very strong growth in the miniature fisheye lens (FOV > 180 degrees) market, mostly for security and automotive applications.”

The TML-HP series telecentric lenses from Edmund Optics (Barrington, N.J.) give scientists, engineers and vision system designers the ability to make high-accuracy non-contact measurements of small objects. Available in three fixed-focus versions that provide 1x, 2x or 4x magnifications, making them ideal for demanding automated metrology applications in on-line and off-line production environments.

Telecentric lenses provides fixed magnification throughout the lens’ depth of field. As long as the object feature to be measured appears in focus, the user is assured of repeatable measurements.

Additional TML-HP series features include large objective lenses for maximum numerical aperture, mounting via ultra-stable twin-ring mounting clamps, and standard front filter threads to accommodate color filters, polarizers, protective windows and LED or fiber-optic ring illuminators.

Fujinon (Wayne, N.J.) has a new entry line of 2/3-inch HD ENG/EFP lenses that delivers a lot of production power in a small package. The HA16x6.3ERM is the first lens to combine wide angle and high magnification (16x zoom ratio). It is ideal for news, any handheld production, and in small studios for a broad range of applications.

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