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Corporate Profiles: AccuSoft



July/August 2004

AccuSoft building


Since 1985, AccuSoft has been providing customers with the tools and technology they need to develop powerful imaging, image-enabled, and data and image analysis applications. AccuSoft?s technology is incorporated into thousands of applications used by over 50 million people worldwide, and by customers including GE Medical Systems, NextGen Healthcare, DuPont, and Jasc Software. AccuSoft?s comprehensive products and solutions continue to set benchmarks for quality and performance and have positioned the company as the undisputed leader in its field.


screen shot ImageGear


VisiQuest is a rapid prototyping, problem solving, and software deployment solution for data and image analysis. The Visual Programming Environment gives users 300+ data processing and visualization tools (including data, signal, and image processing) at the click of a mouse. If desired, users can build on these functions or create their own fully integrated operators using C, C++, Fortran, PERL or Java. The applications created can be exported for embedded use, shared as VisiQuest workspaces, or compiled to be delivered as standalone applications. VisiQuest supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux RedHat 9, Sun, HP, and SGI.

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