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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Core Technologies: High-Quality Optical Solutions

Machine vision applications trending toward higher resolution
Theia’s lenses provide a high performance, megapixel resolution image.
Custom large format lenses from Resolve Optics Ltd.
Edmund Optics’ TECHSPEC Compact Telecentric Lenses feature an ultra-compact design.
Application-oriented optics from Jenoptik
Sill Optics presents new series of NIR lenses
The LSM series of scan lenses from Thorlabs.

By Kari O’Rourke
Associate Editor

To provide low-cost alternatives and increased efficiency, many machine vision applications implement optical solutions in their systems to provide single camera inspection without the expensive task of rotating parts. Many different components can be used such as lens, prisms, flats, mirrors and optical filters.

Current growth in the optics sector is being driven by emerging markets and new applications in a wide variety of markets.

According to Mark Peterson, vice president, advanced technology, Theia Technologies, “Machine vision applications are trending toward higher resolution. This requires higher quality optics able to resolve the small pixels of CCD and CMOS sensors. Infrared illumination is also being integrated into machine vision systems more. This requires specially coated optics to be designed to transmit IR light and keep it in focus.”

Theia Technologies (Wilsonville, Ore.) provides high-quality, ultrawide angle, no-fisheye-distortion, megapixel lenses for machine vision and security applications. Theia’s patented, award-winning Linear Optical Technology provides a wide field of view that enables a wider coverage area with fewer cameras, as well as optical distortion correction that removes barrel distortion without using software. Theia’s lenses provide a high performance, megapixel resolution image, with increased resolution at the edges of the image improving the ability to recognize subjects. The SY110 multi-megapixel lens has less than 1 percent barrel distortion, provides up to 120 degrees HFOV with a 1/2.5-inch sensor and is IR corrected for use with day/night cameras. The SY125 lens, with less than 8 percent barrel distortion, provides up to 135 degrees horizontal FOV with a 1/2.5-inch sensor camera and is good for use with up to 5mp cameras.

Custom large format lenses from Resolve Optics Ltd. (Bucks, United Kingdom) provide the very high resolution over a large image format required by megapixel line scan and area scan sensors and cameras used in demanding scientific and machine vision applications. Custom large format lenses from Resolve are designed to fully meet the optical and mechanical demands for high center-to-edge resolution, low distortion and application-specific F-number performance. As camera manufacturers continue to increase sensor size, while simultaneously increasing pixel resolution, Resolve Optics custom large format lenses enable products to achieve their full performance potential allowing access to new applications and helping achieve competitive advantage.

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