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Computer Vision Systems for Security


Product Update

Computer Vision Systems for Security

by Rich Handley

August 2002

As Advanced Imaging readers well know, the term "computer vision" refers to the automated extraction of information regarding objects or scenes in one or more images. This differs from image processing, which is aimed at modifying an image for later human viewing or interpretation.

Computer vision from a security standpoint involves the identification and authentification of a person or persons through imaging. This involves a number of biometrics techniques, including face detection and recognition, acoustic-visual speaker verification, and multi-modal biometrics person verification.

Iris recognition provides the highest level of authentication available, according to Panasonic's Tim Meyerhoff, who believes such technology will play a significant role in the future of access control and large venue screening. The products detailed below are just some of the advances that will help achieve such a goal...

The DI-5000, from BFI Optilas and Digital Imaging Infrared The DI-5000, from BFI Optilas and Digital Imaging Infrared

First up is French specialist distributor BFI Optilas, marketers of the DI-5000, a motorized pan-and-tilt surveillance thermal imager from Digital Imaging Infrared in Europe. The DI-5000 is a complete day/night, all-weather surveillance system incorporating an un-coded microbolometer high-res infrared imaging detector with a 100 mm electric focus lens and a color CD camera with 20X zoom lens. This system can detect a person in full darkness or smoke at a distance up to 1 km on 360°, as well as precisely locate a target within its field-of-view thanks to an integrated eye-safe laser rangefinder. Coupled to a computer, DI-5000 images can be transmitted to a centralized location, where they are visualized in real-time on a virtual 3D model of the area under surveillance. Applications include perimeter surveillance, border control, fire-fighting, search-and-rescue, and night-time law enforcement operations.

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