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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Comprehensive CCTV Surveillance Solution Used in New Irish Shopping Center


TESCO is one of the most popular hypermarkets in Europe, with many exceeding more than 30,000 square feet. Such a large story enhances security concerns.

A new TESCO hypermarket—more than 45,000 square feet—in Cashel, Ireland, has installed a TeleEye CCTV (Hong Kong) system. The TeleEye RX360 Series video recording server, powered by the company's SMAC-M Multi-stream Video Coding Technology, the RX360 Series simultaneously delivers DVD quality recording and fast video transmission.

With built-in DVD writer and removable hard drive, RX360 is especially suitable for large-scale and long-duration monitoring projects. TeleEye professional 36X hi-resolution color speed domes are connected with TeleEye RX360 Series and installed at several places in the hypermarket, such as the car park, main entrance/exit, cashier, etc. With 432X zooming power, security operators can capture any objects in detail from any distance.

DM889 speed domes can capture high-quality images even in severe weather conditions. After installing TeleEye CCTV monitoring system, security operators in TESCO can manage different sites simultaneously in a control room. Daniel Slattery, of Cashel Lighting & Security said, "With the TeleEye system, the center management and security within the onsite control room have the ability to quickly assess and zoom on any situation in real time both inside and outside the center, providing a safe and secure shopping experience for everyone."

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