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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Cedip Infrared Offers High Speed Thermal Imaging

Ideal for Applications Requiring Accurate and Sensitive Temperature Measurement

Cedip Infrared Systems has announced a new acquisition trigger module that enables its complete range of high performance IR cameras to precisely measure and characterise transient thermal events even when exposure times in the μs-area are required. Available as a low cost option, the acquisition trigger module connects directly to the PC USB port ensuring high precision image acquisition and recording. With extremely short electronic latency times and a digital output data stream it is possible to know the state of recording almost instantaneously. The acquisition trigger module offers advanced functionality (prepare, start recording, pause recording, end recording) to enable operators to exactly control each stage of data acquisition. The prepare function has been implemented to give operators the flexibility to optimally set-up their Cedip IR camera, ready for use, remote from the application to be measured.

The acquisition trigger module even enables you to start recording on an external event (as something which passes in front of the camera). Applications that will benefit from the new option include ballistics and target signature measurements; fire detection; radioactive zone thermal measurements and short-lived R&D applications requiring accurate and sensitive temperature measurement. Infrared thermography allows imaging and measuring temperature from radiation measurement in the two main IR spectral bands 3-5μm and 8-12μm. Cedip thermal IR camera systems are simple to use and offer state-of-the-art image quality unmatched by less sensitive cameras. All Cedip infrared cameras offer plug & play interfaces including USB2, CAMLINK and LVDS. When coupled with proprietary Altair and Altair LI software, real time recording and storage direct onto PC hard disk is possible allowing precise acquisition of transient thermal events.

Cedip Infrared Systems, France

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