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CameraLink Products



January 2004

CameraLink Products

by Rich Handley

When industrial camera and frame grabber manufacturers realized their customers were having trouble getting the two technologies to communicate, a standard interface protocol called CameraLink was established. In the three years since CameraLink's unveiling, the impact on the industry has been immense.

Philip Colet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Coreco Imaging (St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada), believes the CameraLink standard has been very beneficial to the electronic imaging market, creating a standard accepted by camera, board and cable manufacturers alike. ?The biggest, most obvious beneficiary of this standard,? Colet told AI, ?has, of course, been the customer, or ultimate end-user of the camera and frame grabber board. With the CameraLink standard in place, customers have achieved faster time to market due to less development hassle with proprietary interfaces, cables and vendor incompatibilities.?

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