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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Camera Link to PCIe Frame Grabber Family Shipping

Developed Specifically for Machine Vision Applications

Leutron Vision is now shipping its newest Camera Link® frame grabber family based on the latest PC standard PCI-express. The new PicPort-Express-CL series are the latest generation of frame grabber to hit the market. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based, they bring image acquisition flexibility, high performance, field upgradeability and customization. They feature standard support for high performance cameras, with the highest speed Camera Link® receivers (85MHz), and the boards simplify connectivity with Power-over-Camera Link®. The series offer unmatched variety of configurations; select from PCIe x1 or x4 form factors, single or dual Camera Link® connectors (Mono/Stereo) and optional pre-processing capabilities — RTF (Real Time Function) thus making 8 different models just for PCIe.

PCI-express (or PCIe) is the latest standard PC interface technology offering high performance on standard PCs. It is widely available and is becoming the de facto standard peripheral interface. PCIe was created to replace the traditional PCI Bus and its siblings (PCI-X…). PCIe offers the same ease of use and software compatibility while addressing the drawbacks of its predecessor, providing Point-to-Point connection and low latency to name only a few.

Camera Link® is the industry standard interface for all high performance digital cameras. It facilitates compatibility between Camera and Frame Grabber by a codified interface. Camera Link® was developed specifically for Machine Vision applications thus its key characteristics are a high transfer rate with low latency.

Leutron Vision Burlington, Mass.

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