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Camera Link Products


Product Update

Camera Link Products

by Rich Handley

May 2003

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Industrial camera and frame grabber manufacturers discovered, in late 2000, that customers were finding it difficult interfacing the two technologies. An ad-hoc committee was formed to establish a standard camera/frame grabber interface specific to the vision industry, and Camera Link was the result. Camera Link defined standard cables for connecting cameras and frame grabbers, formats for transmitting image data, four camera control inputs, a method for transmitting serial communication data between cameras and grabbers and a chip set for image data transfer-all regardless of vendor. A product bearing the Camera Link mark is certified as conforming to this standard, and equipment vendors who follow the specifications of that standard may self-certify their products as compliant and PHX-DIG24CL-PC132 model frame grabber, from Active Silicon.display the Camera Link logo. Below are some of the more recent products to carry that logo.

UK-based Active Silicon Ltd. produces a line of Camera Link frame grabbers called Phoenix. The newest of that line, model PHX-DIG24CL-PC132, is a base-only grabber designed for the 32-bit/33MHz Compact PCI bus. This grabber has the same on-board features built into the company's 64-bit/66MHz boards, including TTL, LVDS and Opto-Isolated I/O, serial ports, and look-up tables, with support for Win98/NT/ 2000/XP, Mac OS X, Linux, VxWorks and Solaris.
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Adimec, located in the Netherlands, offers a Camera Link camera built for OEM machine vision customers. The Adimec-2000m Megapixel camera supports a variety of frame grabbers and is available in single-tap (Adimec-2000m/S) or dual-tap (Adimec-2000m/D) output modes, with up to 17 or 32 fps, respectively. 7.4µm square pixels allow for small details in large inspection areas, while an interline CCD with high blue and NIR responses supports low light levels and strobe illumination. Image acquisition and readout are fully programmable, available in continuous, control or partial scan formats.

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