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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Caliper, DUPONT Enter Licensing Agreement for OncoMouse Technology


Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (Hopkinton, Mass.), a leading provider of tools and services for drug discovery and life sciences research, today announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement that grants Caliper access to the DuPont Intellectual Assets & Licensing OncoMouse® (Wilmington, Del.) technology.

The agreement with DuPont represents an opportunity for Caliper's customers to enhance their cancer drug development programs through the use of spontaneous tumor models, coupled with IVIS® imaging systems and bioluminescent (light-emitting) reporter genes. Using IVIS non-invasive bioluminescent imaging, researchers can accurately "visualize" the tumor burden and reduce the number of mice needed for any given study while obtaining statistically significant results.

"Clinical trial failures are an enormous time and cost burden for pharmaceutical and biotech companies," said Mark Roskey, vice president, reagents and applied biology of Caliper. "Preclinical models that provide a better indication of how a drug might work in humans are a tremendous asset to the oncology drug discovery and development paradigm. Through this agreement with DuPont Intellectual Assets & Licensing, Caliper is the only commercial life sciences company offering contract research capabilities using these unique spontaneous tumor models which link an activated oncogene with a bioluminescent reporter."

Historically, preclinical cancer research has relied on xenograft tumor models created from the implantation of human tumor cells in immuno-comprised mice. These cells generate human tumors that are not in the proper physiological context and that do not naturally occur in mice, which may lead to an inaccurate profile of the drug's activity during preclinical evaluation. The DuPont Intellectual Assets & Licensing OncoMouse® technology enables researchers to study compounds in the relevant tumor microenvironment in mouse models that are not immuno-compromised, generating results that have greater biological relevance.

"The Caliper EL-1/Tag-Luc pancreatic cancer model has already demonstrated compelling preclinical drug efficacy results, further validating the usefulness of the OncoMouse technology," said Drew Van Dyk, DuPont Associate Director of Commercial Development.

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