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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

CVB Barcode Tool Offers Comprehensive Support for "Code Grading"

Current CVB Barcode Users Can Take Advantage of the Additional Grading Features Immediately and Free of Charge With Their Existing Licenses

In order to guarantee secure identification of components using matrix codes, the quality of these codes need to be monitored. This needs to happen directly after the printing process, but it is also very useful to obtain a proper indication of the code quality in subsequent code reads in addition to the accurate decoding of the actual barcode data.

The IEC16022, IEC15415 and AS9132 standards define many criteria for evaluating codes to facilitate a uniform, comparable validation of these codes. Of these standards, CVB Barcode supports a range of different criteria that can be determined using a machine vision system. After decoding with CVB Barcode, not only is the real code information given, but for each of the different criteria, separate quality values are given. The evaluation of single criteria can be activated or de-activated according to need.

All users of Common Vision Blox or its forerunner, Common Vision Concept, can upgrade to CVB 9.0 without paying additional licence fees. This enables all users of CVB Barcode to take advantage of the additional grading features immediately and free of charge with their existing licenses. STEMMER IMAGING GmbH, Germany

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