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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

CI Lumen Enhances Visual Experience of LCDs With Advanced UV Polymer Optical Bonding

Improved Yield and Better Performance Than Other Optical Bonding Solutions

CI Lumen now offers a patent-pending, advanced UV polymer optical bonding solution that improves contrast, enables brighter graphics, enhances ruggedness and offers a more robust overall visual experience for a virtually limitless variety of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) solutions. Key benefits of optical bonding of various substrates to LCD panels include sunlight readability, eye-popping detail and exhilarating graphics.

CI Lumen’s advanced UV polymer optical bonding is custom formulated for an improved yield and better performance than other optical bonding solutions. The process permanently affixes a wide variety of performance-enhancing substrates to LCD panels, including acrylic or glass to LCD panels up to 46 inches. Substrate thickness is typically 1-10mm. CI Lumen’s bonding options include antireflective- and antiglare-coated glass for sunlight readability, ITO glass for reduced EMI emissions, touch screens and acrylic vandal shields—each tailored to a specific application. The patent-pending bonding process, itself, offers truly permanent, defect-free adhesion to the LCD. CI Lumen can typically deliver prototype quantities in less than 10 days.

CI Lumen, Hauppauge, N.Y.

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