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Image Output Devices

by Rich Handley

February 2002

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From Analog Devices (Wilmington, MA) comes the AD9887 flat panel interface. Integrating an analog interface and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) for flat panel monitors and projectors, the AD9887 is part of the company's portfolio of high-speed data converters optimized for display electronics; it is used in more than fifty percent of the monitors and eighty percent of the projectors currently shipped. The AD9887 has a 140 MHz triple analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with internal 1.25 V reference, on-chip Phase Locked Loop (PLL) to gnerate a pixel clock from HSNYC and COAST. It also contains a midscale clamp for YUV signals and full-sync processing for composite sync and sync-on-green (SOG) applications.

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Dukane Corporation Dukane Corporation's ImagePro 8753 portable LCD projector.

Dukane Corporation (St. Charles, IL) has introduced the ImagePro 8753, a portable LCD projector with XGA resolution, designed for education and office applications. Automatically compatible with most computer and video signals, the ImagePro 8753 can project 1024x768 pixel images of 1100 ANSI lumens with a contrast of 400:1. Freedom of movement for the operator is made possible with an easy-to-use infrared (IR) remote control included with the projector. An automatic scaling circuit provides correctly-sized images for computer inputs of VGA, SVGA, XGA, and SXGA resolutions, along with their MAC equivalents. Remote control functions permit zoom and pan, while a "digital keystone" function lets the user adjust and correct image squareness. The 8753 can display video signals in composite or s-video format from a camera, VCR, or DVD player.

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Hitachi The CML171, Hitachi America's new 17" LCD monitor.

Hitachi America, Ltd., the Massachusetts subsidiary of Japan's Hitachi, Ltd., has added a 17" LCD monitor to its line of output products. The new CML171 targets corporate, home, general business and SOHO users, featuring TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology intended to deliver high-quality, distortion-free images. With 230-nit brightness, a 300:1 typical contrast ratio, and a prime resolution of 1280 x 1024, the CML171 offers a full 17" viewing area (338 x 270 mm) and weighs only 15.7 pounds, with 7.9" depth including the base. The panel meets the VESA FPMPMI (Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface) standard, which enables wall-mounting with third-party mounting arms, and features a Kensington Security Port. Compatible with both PCs and Macs, this monitor features on-screen controls for color temperature, clock, phase, brightness, contrast and more.

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