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CAD/Web Graphics Software


Product Update

CAD/Web Graphics Software

by Rich Handley

January 2002

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Jon Peddie Associates's 2001 "3D CAD Market Study" covered such market segments as AEC, high-end MCAD, and mid-range MCAD, analyzing industry factors driving or inhibiting software developments and sales; challenges and opportunities in 3D CAD collaboration, including a discussion of business models and product offerings; and industry issues such as shifts in the customer base by geographic region and platform, file formats being developed for ease in data exchange, and kernel technology licensing.

The key predictions of the JPA study were that collaboration software and solutions will grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 34.77% over the next five years, becoming a $2.3 billion dollar business by 2005; the Internet will have the greatest impact on computer-aided design in the near future, allowing 3D file-sharing throughout a product's lifecycle on a much wider basis than on corporate Intranets; and 3D CAD adoption in AEC is slow, but the opportunity for facility or building lifecycle management could drive acceptance to new levels.

Clearly, CAD and Web graphics software packages are becoming a thriving new market segment. The number of available programs is growing, and we can expect that number to grow even higher in 2002 as more and more companies turn to 3D graphics on the Web to sell their products.

R2V, the latest from Abel Software

R2V, the newest package from Able Software Corp. (Lexington, MA), is used in over sixty countries for raster-to-vector conversion applications. CAD systems are vector-based and require vector graphics for display and presentation; R2V automatically converts scanned paper maps and CAD drawings to vector formats such as AutoCAD DXF, IGES, ArcView Shapefile, Arc/Info Generate, MapInfo MIF/MID, and MapGuide SDL. The software includes complete on-screen image and vector data editing, geo-referencing, image rubber sheeting and merging, color separation, text symbol detection and recognition (OCR), and automatic polygon layer creation. 3D terrain models can be created from labeled contours for 3D simulation and fly-through applications.

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