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Broadening the Horizons



January 2004


We welcome the New Year with some new additions, new program initiatives and progress on fulfilling the needs of our readers. I appreciate the reader feedback from the ballots that were sent out asking you what you would like to see more of here in Advanced Imaging.

One of the new names that will soon be noted in this magazine is George Kotelly, former Editor-in-Chief of Vision Systems Design, who joins us initially as a consulting editor. George's first assignment will be to represent Advanced Imaging at the AIA Business Conference in February. The second addition is Robin Rowe, whose article on Microsoft appears in this issue. Robin's name will become more familiar to you as a contributing editor as we progress through the year.

The Advanced Motion Imaging Group at DoD has asked me to set up an IR Working Group for the establishment of an IR standard to be used inter-agency among various government and military users. The group will meet for the first time in Vienna , VA , on February 3-4, 2004 . See news story on page 9.

DoD and other agencies are looking for more affordable solutions. In-Q-Tel, a private venture group funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ), recently signed a development and investment agreement with Kofax for its Mohomine text classification product to advance technologies for "document exploitation," the analysis and use of documents to extract actionable information. The intent is to support multi-language document exploitation activities conducted by national security and other government organizations, as well as state and local law enforcement.

The Imagers of the Year award goes to two fine professionals who are not only imaging professionals, but who worked extremely well with outside companies such as SUN and Apple to develop a product for us, the viewing public. Maestro gives the public an insight into how science is accomplished. The public has become very interested in the developments on Mars, and Maestro gives users the feeling of being personally involved.

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