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Broadband Technology and Imaging: To the Really Robust Web




By B. Mazor

January 2002

The emerging picture of the technology for delivering a more generally useful broadband, robust, image-enabled Web—able to move streaming video, complex 3-D graphics into everyday business and consumer and educational/scientific applications—is one in which video and even interactive imagery from deep databases can flow from servers out across enterprise networks and between them, from intranets to extranets, through the Net, and to any number of end-use devices: desktops, hand-helds, wireless phones and more. The imaging industry, which has long worked to provide ways to handle the size and flow of these digital images, share them, find them, and exploit them, certainly anticipates the chance to see the results on a practical and bottom-line basis. So with that as our subject for the first roundtable discussion of this new year, we've turned to some pros working on these issues every day.

The Participants:Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson is a Principal Physics Engineer at Raytheon Electronic Systems in El Segundo, California www.raytheon.coBradley Horowitz
Bradley Horowitz is the Chief Technology Officer at Virage, Inc., in San Mateo, CA. www.virage.comMichael Schulman
Michael Schulman is the Marketing Manager of Java Advanced Imaging Software at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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