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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Basler Starts Series Production of the New Sprint Line Scan Camera Family

The cameras in the sprint family will include many powerful features
Basler sprint camera
Basler sprint camera

Basler announces series production of the first members in the new sprint camera family. As a first step, the 4k monochrome members will be moved to series production in Q3 of 2007. The new Basler sprint family of line scan cameras includes members with 2k, 4k, and 8k resolution and speeds from 19.3 kHz to 140 kHz. The maximum line rate can be achieved with the 2k and the 4k members. All resolutions will be available in color in the near future.

The sprint's unique dual line CMOS sensor was developed exclusively for Basler and enables an amazing line rate of 140 kHz at a resolution of 4k pixels. Some other significant features of this sensor are the outstanding sensitivity and the excellent SNR (signal-to-noise ratio).

The cameras in the sprint family will include powerful features such as an AOI (area of interest) with linear speed increase, shading correction, test images, line stamps, configuration sets, and error condition detection.

Two types of shading correction (PRNU and DSNU correction) will let users correct for image variations, that may result from optics, lighting, or sensor performance. The more homogeneous behavior provided by shading correction can be a major advantage for many vision applications.

BASLER Ahrensburg, Germany

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