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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Barco Steps Up Production of Avionics Displays for Honeywell's Primus Apex Flight Deck

Barco displays are on Honeywell flight decks.
Barco displays are on Honeywell flight decks.

Barco (Kortrijk, Belgium) is increasing production of its KDU dedicated display solution specifically designed for integration into the Honeywell Primus Apex flight deck. This year, Barco schedules a total production of 600 units. By 2010, this figure should have climbed to one thousand displays a year.

To date, Barco's KDU flight units had been selected for a variety of business jet platforms, including the Pilatus PC-12E turboprop airframe. Under several new contract wins for the Primus Apex system, Honeywell will integrate the large-screen displays into cockpits aboard the Spectrum S-40 Freedom, the Harbin Y12 and Viking Twin Otter aircraft. The state-of-the-art flight deck, each featuring four displays, will equip these platforms with enhanced functionality, including advanced auto-flight control, graphical flight planning, paperless charts and maps, keypad data entry, and cursor control device graphical interface technology.

The KDU display family consists of a 10-inch KDU-1080 version and a 15-inch KDU-1500 model. Both provide pilots with sunlight-readable images and a wide viewing angle to enable optimum cross-cockpit legibility under all lighting conditions. Thanks to their large screen surface and high-resolution, the displays bring larger views and improved situational awareness to the cockpit.

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