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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Avalon Strengthens General-purpose Machine Vision Offering With Development of Validator Product

Features Simple Operator Interface

Avalon Vision Solutions has completed the development of a compact PC-based machine vision system, strengthening Avalon’s general-purpose machine vision product offering. Validator’s features include what may very well be the world’s simplest operator interface, 640 x 480 resolution, robust vision tools and a price starting at $1995 for a PC Vision Kit.

Product flexibility is achieved through a variety of configuration options: from a PC Vision Kit consisting of a camera and software to a total solution including lighting, lensing and installation. If a Compact Vision System option is selected, it is an “UNO” industrial PC manufactured by Advantech Corporation.

Advantech Corporation is a leading manufacturer of a variety of factory automation products linked to industrial PCs. Terming them “ePlatforms” for Ethernet connectivity, the products continue to gain in popularity as competitive factors drive the increase of network connectivity on the factory floor.

Validator orders are being taken now, with shipments after formal introduction September 26, 2006. Avalon Vision Solutions is an Advantech eAutomation 3rd party partner, and Validator shall be available through many Advantech North American distributors. Validator is also available through authorized Avalon distributors and directly from Avalon’s web site. As with all of Avalon’s machine vision solutions, Validator is supported by a staff of application engineers who help end-user customers arrive at robust installations.

Avalon Vision Solutions, LLC Lithia Springs, Ga.

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