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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Automatic Red Eye Correction


The holy grail for photo processing is reliable image improvement with zero human intervention. Pegasus Imaging takes the technology one step closer with the recent release of its fully-automatic red eye correction software development kit (SDK), available as a PICTools™ DLL or within its ImagXpress™ components for ActiveX/COM and .NET.

The trick is to locate and correct as many unnatural-appearing, reflective subject eyes as possible, while simultaneously avoiding the modification of any other objects (known as false positives). The problem is further complicated by the wide variety of adverse effects that flash photography can have on the appearance of human eyes, the infinite variety of backgrounds, wide ranges of contrast and color distribution, the number and relative sizes of subjects and many other factors.

Using software that compares details of the image with expected characteristics of the human eye, Pegasus has produced new algorithms that yield improved results in locating areas that need to be corrected, making natural-looking color modifications and avoiding false positives. This new technology complements Pegasus Imaging’s capabilities for fully-automatic color balance and contrast adjustment.

Load the ImagXpress Web Demo (at the Pegasus Web site) to test the technology on your own photos.

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