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Company Description

Atmel Corporation is a global leader in advanced semiconductors, including microcontroller, nonvolatile memory, logic, secure, mixed analog/digital, radio frequency and sensor integrated circuits. ATMEL Grenoble is the center of expertise of ATMEL in imaging.

Markets and Applications Served

Atmel's CCD products cover a variety of applications, such as glass bottle inspection, food sorting, film and document scanning. Atmel Greoble is a world leader in dental digital X-ray sensors for medical applications, and has a long history in aerospace applications. Atmel's cameras are for machine vision, graphic arts, medical and biomedical applications. Atmel's biometric solutions enable user authentication and convenience in a wide list of applications, from mobile phones to laptops, PDAs, USB storage devices, Point of Sales or physical access control devices.


Atmel's product portfolio includes a variety of linear CCD and high-speed megapixel area scan sensors, and has become a major player in the professional camera market, including the AViiVA® linescan, the ATMOS™ areascan and the CAMELIA® camera families. Atmel Grenoble also designs and manufactures leading-edge biometric sensors promoted under the FingerChip® brand, using a patented swiping technology. FingerChip sensors are available with parallel or SPI interfaces, and can be complemented by other leading Atmel products such as ARM9 or ARM7-based microcontrollers to build up complete, discrete or pre-assembled solutions.

Moreover, Atmel offers access to its design resources and expertise to develop specific custom products at competitive prices and short lead times in order to meet its customer requirements.

Customer Support

Atmel Grenoble relies on a strong imaging team of dedicated distributors and representatives to offer local support to its customers.

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