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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Aspex Secures Equity Funding, Changes Name



Aspex Secures Equity Funding, Changes Name

Aspex Semiconductor? ( Buckinghamshire , UK ) has secured $10 million in second round funding. New Media Spark ( London , UK ), Aspex's existing investor, participated in the round. A change of name from Aspex Technology to Aspex Semiconductor emphasizes its role as a supplier of high-performance chipsets.

The funding will be used to accelerate Aspex's international business development opportunities and provide further investment to expand the product portfolio. Aspex will be investing in international sales and support infrastructure to increase business in North America and Japan and provide closer contact with its customers. This will ensure the company increases its sales to leading international manufacturers and is able to exploit new markets. Aspex has recently reached a partnership agreement with Innotech ( Kanawaga , Japan ).


Aspex Semiconductor
New Media Spark

UMHS Purchases Telepathology Product

Trestle Holdings Inc. ( Irvine , CA ) has announced that the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) ( Ann Arbor , MI ) has purchased the Company's live microscopy product, MedMicro?, with the company's integrated grossing station. UMHS selected Trestle's MedMicro product to improve the productivity of its pathologists and facilitate the training of its pathology residents.

UMHS's will use MedMicro to connect its pathology lab to the Internet, allowing UMHS's researchers and pathologists to interactively view and navigate slides in real-time from any remote location with Internet access. MedMicro will also be integrated with the company's grossing station for review of tissue specimens prior to slide preparation. UMHS will use the grossing station primarily for documentation of the physical appearance of placentas processed for pathology evaluation. Currently, UMHS evaluates 700 to 900 high-risk placentas per year.

UMHS will also use MedMicro to review frozen sections of transplants. In some cases, transplants are flown to UMHS overnight or on a weekend, requiring the pathologist to drive to campus to assess the tissue for the surgeon to make sure the transplant is a viable option for the patient. With MedMicro, UMHS's pathologists will be able to review the specimen from their home computer, to make an assessment for the surgeon. For the pathologists, this means they can eliminate the need to travel during off-hours ? which can ultimately result in improved efficiency and job satisfaction.

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