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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Artista Control CenterLITE from Apollo Display Technologies

Brings a New Level of Flexibility and Simplicity of Integration to Digital Signage

The new Artista Control CenterLITE software works in conjunction with the patented ArtistaNET™ or ArtistaUSB™ display controllers to control multiple displays simultaneously displaying similar or different content with just one user PC via connection to a LAN or USB interface. Client PCs that have traditionally been necessary at each monitor for display control are now redundant, which reduces total cost and simplifies installation. There is no loss of image quality from display to display. Applications include digital advertising, POI/POS displays, HMIs for machine control, status displays, and a range of other uses.

The ArtistaControlCenterLITE software automatically recognizes up to 6 Artista kits, which include the ArtistaNET or ArtistaUSB controller, 6 TFT LCDs, all necessary inverters, cables and power supplies, and a client PC. This enables importing of digital images in different formats, and permits the creation and playing of individual play lists for each display—with only one PC controlling all six TFT LCDs.

Depending on the configuration chosen, up to 30 images/sec. can be displayed with excellent image quality. The user can choose from a wide range of different screen sizes ranging from 6.5“ to 46“ diagonal, depending upon the Artista controller selected.

The combination of the ArtistaControlCenterLITE application software packaged with the Artista controller kits offers a complete solution designed to ensure fast, smooth ramp up and ease of operation in your digital signage or advertising products. If desired, Apollo can also supply the Artista controllers and displays in housings for special environmental requirements.

For installations requiring more than 6 TFT displays, ArtistaControlCenterPROF is also available. Ask Apollo for details.

Apollo Display Technologies, LLC., Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

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