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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Advanced Imaging's Guide to a Selection of Custom Service Providers


This Advanced Imaging guide focuses on some of the companies that offer custom services. By custom, we mean developing a highly specialized system or component solution for a single customer, or perhaps a limited run of equipment that might include tens of units to several hundreds of units. This could also include custom hardware or a scientific or machine vision imaging solution engineered by an integrator. Similarly, this could involve companies that take on a niche outsourcing role in some specific aspect of product development and production – at any scale. If you provide such services and would like to be included next year, send an e-mail to Managing Editor Stacey Meacham at:

A&B Software

A&B Software provides turn-key scientific and industrial imaging solutions for machine vision, research, medical imaging, quality control and lab automation. Specializations include 1394 imaging, multidimensional video acquisition from various industry standard boards and cameras, line-scan applications, color analysis, real-time motion tracking, segmentation and registration of complex objects, extraction of quantitative and qualitative features, automated microscopy applications, proprietary high-speed vision algorithms. Designs and develops software interfaces to imaging devices: system and kernel level drivers, WDM, TWAIN. Developed highly acclaimed ActiveDCAM SDK for 1394 digital cameras and ImageWarp image analysis package.

ABCO Automation

ABCO Automation, founded in 1977, is a systems integrator offering turnkey solutions in machine vision, robotics, and custom automation. In addition to a highly trained staff of vision engineers, ABCO’s extensive machine vision lab allows for quick and thorough feasibility evaluations. ABCO is also a member of the Automated Imaging Association.

Perry Cornelius
6202 Technology Drive
Brown Summit, NC 27214
(336) 375-6400, x264

Ann Arbor Sensor Systems L.L.C.

Ann Arbor Sensor Systems L.L.C. (Dexter, Michigan) specializes in non-contact temperature measurement – and offers a variety of custom services for thermal analysis. Using the AXT100 Thermal Imaging Camera as the foundation, AAS2 offers both customized hardware and software design services to meet most thermal analysis requirements. From ruggedized units suitable for mining or refinery application to units with microscopic lenses, AAS2 can custom design and manufacture units in quantities as small as one.

AAS2 also offers custom software design services to meet the demand of your unique thermal imaging application. Our devices are all Ethernet-enabled, and we have software expertise in LabView, C, and HTML. Our base software can be downloaded from our website, and our ability to design your thermal imaging tool is limited only by your imagination.

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