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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Advanced Imaging's 2007 Imaging Solutions of the Year


For the eleventh year, Advanced Imaging presents its Solutions of the Year. And what a good year 2006 was for solving involved problems using sophisticated imaging technology.

In a switch, we are not organizing this year's submissions into "winners" and "runners-up," since it is extremely difficult to quantify such a diverse range of solutions relative to each other and determine a winner. What we did, was select the outstanding entrants in the key categories of medical; scientific; defense, security & law enforcement; machine vision; consumer & commercial; and entertainment & broadcast.

Each submitter was asked to identify the challenge, outline the solution, list the tools used to achieve the solution and then describe the difference that the solution made. The last point was the most critical in the selection criteria.

The Advanced Imaging Editorial Team

This Year's Winning Solutions

Adding Processing Power to Computed Tomography
Increasing the Accuracy and Quality of Cancer Diagnosis

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