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Company Description

Adimec has been creating high-performance CCD cameras and partnering with major OEMs around the world since 1992. They have the distinction of serving industry-leading companies in three application areas: machine vision, medical, and defense imaging. This experience allows them to produce industry-leading cameras that deliver a performance advantage to high-end systems. Adimec is known in the industrial imaging market as an elite brand that delivers the unique combination of quality, performance, and reliability. The company is based in The Netherlands, with business offices in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Machine Vision Cameras

Adimec created the industry's first complete line of compatible CCD cameras based on the CameraLink standard. Available in both monochrome and color, these cameras are known to offer higher image quality, faster frame rates, and greater durability than other machine vision cameras. Adimec's CameraLink line is optimized for OEMs that seek high-quality cameras to improve their inspection capabilities, increase system throughput, and minimize downtime. Since the cameras are extremely versatile, they have been selected in numerous applications such as wafer inspection, traffic monitoring, and eye surgery. They have also been utilized in defense applications requiring megapixel resolution and digital output.

Medical Imaging

Adimec developed its medical camera technology in close cooperation with the world's leading medical system suppliers and medical imaging specialists. This effort resulted in a technology platform designed to address high- performance medical applications through standard and custom camera capabilities. The MX12D cameras offer clear, crisp images with 14-bit internal processing and superior dynamic range. Adimec's medical cameras are ideal for use in a range of medical systems, including X-ray and ophthalmology.

Defense Imaging

Adimec's defense imaging cameras are rugged and reliable while also offering flexibility in design and exceptional performance. These daytime cameras are designed for high-resolution imaging in defense and commercial applications such as targeting and observation, surveillance, and aerial photography. They have been put to the test in harsh environments and under extreme conditions, such as shock, vibration, and wide temperature fluctuations. This product line includes COTS rugged cameras and video enhancement modules to optimize video signals during conditions of fog or haze. Tailored COTS solutions are also available. Please visit our website for more detailed product information.


Adimec Advanced Image Systems b.v.
Luchthavenweg 91
5657 EA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Adimec North America
245 North Street
Stoneham, MA 02180, USA
Phone: (781) 279-0770
Fax: (781) 279-0571

Adimec Europe
Luchthavenweg 91
5657 EA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 40-2353-920
Fax: (+31) 40-2353-925

Adimec Japan
2-10-3-103, Narimasu, Itabashi-Ku
175-0094 Tokyo, Japan
Phone: (+81) 3 5968 8377
Fax: (+81) 3 5968 8388

Number of employees: 80
Year founded: 1992

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