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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Actively Cooled Industrial Camera from Redlake

Actively and Passively Cooled Cameras

Redlake announces the launch of its newest industrial cameras, the EC16000, EP16000, EM16000, EP11000 and EM11000 models. Redlake's EC16000 is an actively cooled industrial camera with very unique customer benefits. The EC16000 separates and isolates the camera's primary electronics from the sensor's cooling path. It features a fan-optional design, allowing it to operate in an actively cooled mode for more precise imaging applications. The EC16000 is the 16MP version of the popular 11 megapixel EC11000, supporting up to 3 FPS at 12-bits per pixel. Using Peltier cooling, both dark current and thermal drift are significantly reduced, making the camera the perfect match for the most demanding industrial and scientific applications.

In addition to the introduction of new 16 megapixel heads, Redlake is rolling out 2 new camera formats. The "EP" format camera heads are "passively cooled" versions of Redlake's popular MegaPlus II family of camera heads. Passive cooling enables the cameras to enjoy improved noise and dark current characteristics without the added cost of an actively cooled system.

Redlake is also rolling out new "EM", or "miniaturized" camera heads optimized for "bulk" imaging. These models are optimized for super high resolution remote sensing and other aerial photography applications. The EM11000 and EM16000 heads are designed to be mounted together in camera clusters to easily enable Giga-pixel or even Tera-pixel imaging. Redlake Tucson, AZ

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