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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

AVIA Private Eye™ Helps Companies Catch Counterfeiters

Integrated PC-based Software and Hardware System

The Value Engineering Alliance announced the availability of AVIA Private Eye, an integrated PC-based software and hardware system, that can be used by investigators to efficiently and effectively examine authentic and suspect packages, determine whether packages in question are fakes, and generate the reports and images needed to substantiate counterfeiting claims.

AVIA PrivateEye is based on the same technology that powers the AVIA Proofreader /PSIFEye systems used to verify the content and quality of information on pharmaceutical/medical industry related printed pieces and other documents for which accuracy is of the utmost importance. It is a two-monitor solution which displays the standard proofreading information on the left monitor and Private Eye–specific results on the right.

By automatically aligning and comparing source documents that are imported in PDF or scanned form, AVIA Private Eye detects differences in text and graphics as well as distortions between packages. It then generates an annotatable list of all differences and enables differences that are deemed significant to be exported to a PDF file for documentation. Other report preparation tools include true color image export functions with optional image annotation for full resolution image areas, thumbnail images, and difference images. These pictures can then be imported into word processing, presentation, image management, or document generation/publishing products.

Investigational session settings can be stored for archival purposes and later used in the event a reopened case requires additional analysis and corroborative evidence. VALUE ENGINEERING ALLIANCE Cambridge, Mass.

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