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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

A 'Bird's' Eye View

The above is a section of an orthomosaic of the Colorado Front Range created by Vexcel from QuickBird imagery.

By Advanced Imaging Editorial Staff

Vexcel Corp.’s (Boulder, CO) Proton next-generation telemetry capture and processing systems installed at DigitalGlobe (Longmont, CO), an Earth imagery and information company, are actively capturing and processing satellite imagery.

Integrated into DigitalGlobe remote ground terminals, the systems are currently processing imagery from DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite and will provide the wideband telemetry capture and processing technology for the next-generation commercial imaging constellation, WorldView, the first satellite of which is set to launch no later than 2006 and expected to be the world’s highest resolution commercial imaging satellite. The successful generation of QuickBird imagery demonstrates the readiness of Vexcel’s Proton system to immediately support that sensor after launch.

Vexcel’s Proton telemetry capture systems support multi-channel data acquisition and fully programmable processing at rates up to 800 megabits per second. The system, operating on industry-standard economical PCs with the Linux operating system, is based on two foundation cards and features four optional mezzanine cards to economically extend system capability. The complete DigitalGlobe system includes a Data Distribution Processor (DDP) developed by Vexcel to allow DigitalGlobe to automatically retrieve QuickBird and WorldView data captured by the ground station in its remote location at Prudhoe Bay, AK.

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