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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

8k Linear CCD Sensors

Targeted for Use in High-speed Inspection Applications

Sarnoff Imaging Systems announced the release of its 8k linear CCD sensors for purchase. These industry standard sensors are targeted for use in high-speed inspection applications, such as printed circuit boards and print webs.

Unlike other 8k linear sensors on the market, Sarnoff's high-performance line scan products are available for stand-alone sensor-level purchase, enabling companies to build cameras customized for their specific needs. Sarnoff also plans to offer camera modules for companies not requiring a custom-built camera.

Sarnoff's 8k linear sensors feature: Eight output ports each running at speeds up to 19 MHz; front illuminated CCD sensor with 7x7 µm square pixels; 17 KHz line rate; high sensitivity from deep UV (193 and 248 nm) to visible band (400-700 nm); a dynamic range of over 1500:1 for more measurement range in each field of vision; anti-blooming capability to drain excess charge from very intense illumination spots for full image clarity. SARNOFF IMAGING SYSTEMS Princeton, N.J.

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