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3D Seismic Imaging Opening Up New Market Opportunities



3D Seismic Imaging Opening Up New Market Opportunities

Leonard Yencharis

November/December 2003

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The Petroleum Exploration and Production (E&P) Industry has patiently waited for a method to analyze large amounts of data on economical desktop computers more quickly and effectively. TeraRecon, Inc., Helical Systems, Inc., and IBM have combined efforts to provide a comprehensive desktop solution for the management, processing and visualization of massive multi-dimensional seismic datasets.

With Helical?s leading-edge, multi-dimensional software running on an IBM advanced workstation and driven by TeraRecon?s high-performance, real-time visualization hardware, extremely large seismic datasets can now be managed, visualized, analyzed, fused and archived more quickly and economically. This combination of hardware, software, integration, service and support provides the E&P user with breakthrough improvements in price and performance.

Helical?s HHArchive is a stable, long-term distributed data warehouse designed to handle massive multi-dimensional datasets. When connected to an RDBMS such as DB2, this capability provides a comprehensive 64-bit Linux or MS desktop solution for processing and managing virtually limitless volumes of data with no bottlenecks.

The IBM IntelliStation workstation is suited to serve as the foundation for many compute-intensive visualization solutions such as this. The TeraRecon VolumePro 1000 achieves high image quality via XY image order rendering and powerful gradient-based lighting calculations. Real-time interaction with enormous volume datasets is made possible via dedicated on-board, high-speed memory. Integrated into the IntelliStation, VolumePro supports visualization of areas-of-interest comprising as much as 6 GB of actual volume data.

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