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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

3CCD Progressive Scan RGB Color Camera Featuring GIGE Vision Interface

Combines Advanced 3CCD RGB Color Vision Technology With the Easy-to-use GigE Vision Standard Interface

JAI announced the release of a new, innovative digital 3CCD industrial progressive scan RGB color camera (CV-M9 GE) featuring GigE Vision interface. With the introduction of CV-M9 GE, machine vision integrators and machine vision users worldwide have access to an industrial camera that combines advanced 3CCD RGB color vision technology with the easy-to-use GigE Vision standard interface.

The CV-M9 GE is suitable for use in semiconductor production, food sorting, print inspection and flat panel quality verification, as well as in medical devices for patient diagnostics.

The GigE Vision standard interface, together with programmable GPIO (General purpose input/output ports) used in the CV-M9 GE, takes the trouble out of integrating advanced 3CCD prism color technology into even the most demanding imaging applications. GigE Vision cameras use standard Cat5e or Cat6 cabling and do not require a dedicated frame grabber in the PC.

Based on 3CCD prism technology, the CV-M9 GE provides full XGA (1024 x 768) resolution for each of the Red, Green and Blue color bands. The camera features both manual and automatic one-push white balance adjustment. Alternatively the white balance can be adjusted by individual shutter settings in the Red, Green and Blue channels, while maintaining a consistent and high signal/noise ratio in each channel.

The CV-M9 GE can be operated in continuous (free-run) mode at 30 frames/second or in external trigger mode. The Edge Pre-Select trigger mode uses a pre-defined exposure time whereas the Pulse Width Control trigger mode sets the exposure time based on the width of the trigger pulse. JAI GROUP Copenhagen, Denmark

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