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2001: Year of the Thin, Getting That Video on Demand Streaming...


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January 2001

2001: Year of the Thin, Soft Display Display     Just two years ago, it was a story of falling prices and slowing acceptance; for 2001, it's already clear that we'll see thin and flat panel displays of all sorts as a key focus for both industry business stories and technology advancements. We can start with these turn-of-the-year developments:
      •Eastman Kodak excites the PC world at Comdex with news not of a new digital photo strategy, but of a push for this year to make sharp, cheap, malleable "soft" displays, based on their active matrix organic LED (OLED) tech, a commonplace in hand-held consumer electronics this year-and they've set up a new unit in California and a development agreement with Sanyo to make it happen.
     • In Toyko, Canon demo'd an early prototype of a thin display that substitutes plastic for LCD glass, with use of electrostatic absorption or repulsion of toner as the display approach-producing a screen just .25mm thick, not much thicker than paper. They suggested that such a small B/W version could reach the market this year and higher res color within 5 years.
      • Pioneer has demo'd a protype of a soft, flexible display based on organic electro-luminescence technology-OEL.
      • Xerox, as part of its recent effort to re-stabilize itself financially, told market analysts that it expects to spin off its unit that's been developing paper-thin flexible displays for the so-called "electronic ink" retail POS display markets as a new firm, Gyricon Media, Inc.-which suggests that this tech spin-off out of Palo Alto is seen as immediately lucrative.
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