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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

JVC GY-HD200 ProHD Camcorders Shoot PSA Campagin for Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund



"While this camcorder is compact and lightweight, it has a full camera body -- and that proved to be a tremendous asset because we did not have any weighting issues when setting up the Steadicam. The rig stayed steady and balanced," said Pete B. Josendale, vice president of production for TV Worldwide. "While the Steadicam has a built-in monitor for the operator, the camcorder's flip-out viewfinder made life easier for our assistant cameraman."

For the production in Powell's office, a second camcorder was mounted on a tripod and used in conjunction with a prompter, fabric backdrop, and ARRI lighting. Gardy said TV Worldwide has always used JVC cameras to produce programs for its veteran's affairs Web channel, including live webcasts of Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies that have taken place annually at The Wall. While TV Worldwide usually shoots native 720p HD with the JVC GY-HD200s, they shot this PSA campaign in SD to satisfy the technical requirements of a broad spectrum of media outlets.

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