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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Medical Tactile Introduces SureTouch Breast Mapping

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The company described it such that ?just as a digital camera captures the sense of sight, MTI?s tactile sensing technology captures the sense of touch.?

The probe is attached to a console on which the image is displayed and the electronic record of the digital image is recorded. It also comes with a calibration scale to set and adjust pressure sensors on the tactile probe.

Weiss said that the SureTouch system console creates an electronic record that provides information to help recognize suspicious lesions, a record that can be given to the patient to take home. If there is an abnormal report, it provides the estimated size and shape of the lesion and is sent to the radiologist with the patient?s records.

?It helps [radiologists] look at their mammograms and ultrasounds, because they know what to look for,? he said.

The SureTouch System is the company?s first commercially available tactile sensing device. However, other breast cancer detection products based on its technology are in development.

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