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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Medical Tactile Introduces SureTouch Breast Mapping

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?We are very pleased to begin commercial sales of the first-of-its-kind SureTouch System,? Weiss said in a statement. ?We have worked hard to develop an innovative, cost-effective technology that enables healthcare practitioners to improve early breast cancer diagnostics and save lives.?

The emerging company was founded in 2002 on the basis of the SureTouch breast palpation technology, which was developed at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) by Jae Son, PhD, the firm?s chief technology officer.

Medical Tactile said the SureTouch System is designed to enhance and quantify the operator?s sense of touch during manual palpation in breast cancer screening. To use the system, the healthcare practitioner palpates suspicious breast lesions with the hand-held tactile probe, which is covered with a sterile sheath and uses a lubricating gel to go over the breast, much like ultrasound.

A tactile sensor, according to Medical Tactile, ?consists of an array of pressure transducers which produce a digital signal as the sensor is pressed and moved against tissue.?

It also said that the ?MTI tactile sensor technology provides greater sensing sensitivity and repeatability than competing technologies and is up to four times as sensitive as the human sense of touch.?

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