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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Medicsight Starts Clinical Studies in China of Its Cancer Imaging Technology

PR Newswire
via NewsEdge Corporation

Professor Zhou Chun Wu, a colon cancer expert from the Beijing Cancer Institute added, "Colon cancer is on the rise in China due to evolving dietary habits. The cure rate is high when the disease is detected at early stage. Medicsight ColonCAD provides many advanced tools to aid in detection and early diagnosis, and these clinical studies will showcase our efforts to decrease mortality rates from this deadly disease."

Professor Wu continued to say, "I've been delighted with the progress made to date in terms of setting up this important clinical program, whose results will benefit the people of China."

This new collaboration with Chinese clinicians is part of the ongoing commitment to advance the global clinical use of CAD. In addition, the program will add new case studies to Medicsight's database of patient case studies from which the CAD algorithms are developed, tested and validated.

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