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Updated: October 20th, 2008 09:51 AM CDT

Graphin to Announce Evaluation Suites for CMOS Sensors with MIPI Standard

via PRNewswire

*Features of the Advanced Board for the GPirates:

-- An add-on-board for GPLAB-1000U, GPLAB-1000P, and GPLAB-1000F from Graphin

-- The MIPI (CSI-2) standard supported with 2 (two) lanes and speed up to 750Mbps

-- Functionality to adjust skews in between lanes supported (possible configuration with 78p sec within FPGA)

-- Image-Capture-Mode supported for a variety of image formats -- Packet-Capture-Mode supported to add a logger mode for serial packets -- The MIPI with 4 (four) lanes optionally available

The GPirates commercially available:

-- Market --- Research & development for image sensor products and cell phones, sales promotion with demos, and inspection testers at factories

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