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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

SGI Launches First Entry in New Generation of Visualization Solutions

via PRNewswire

SGI visualization technology has been developed, enhanced and field-proven in more than 700 HPC visualization environments. These environments provide immersive visualization for real-time decision support, combat training, battlefield simulation, media rendering and display, computational steering and product design. Every offering within the SGI Virtu family will be powered by these advanced visualization technologies.

"The SGI Virtu VN200 is designed to power applications ranging from stand-alone graphics processing to collaborative environments," said Bob Pette , vice president, Visual Business Unit, SGI. "It is ideal for consolidating distributed workstations into a single, powerful environment. Users ranging from medical personnel and search and rescue teams to product design and decision support can take advantage of this next generation of visual collaboration in a highly distributed, real-time environment. The resulting increases in accuracy, efficiency and overall productivity are enormous."

"The newest generation of HPC applications relies on the analysis of massive amounts of data, frequently from geographically dispersed locations," said Addison Snell , vice president and general manager, Tabor Research. "It makes sense that the industry should embrace visualization as a way to gain insights from that data without moving it around as much. Considering their heritage, it also makes sense that SGI is responding to the market need with a new generation of high-performance visualization solutions."

High-Density, Scalable Visualization Solution

The SGI Virtu VN200 integrates hardware, software and services into a high-density, highly scalable visualization solution specifically designed for performance graphics environments. The new solution is designed to add visualization capabilities to the full line of SGI(R) Altix(R), Altix(R) XE and Altix(R) ICE systems.

Factory-integrated and available as a modular cluster node, the Virtu VN200 features the latest generation of NVIDIA Quadro(R) FX visual computing technology. SGI and NVIDIA are collaborating on visualization technologies to power SGI advanced visualization capabilities for use in future SGI Virtu family solutions.

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