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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Toshiba Starts Sample Shipping of SpursEngine SE1000 High-Performance Stream Processor

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Co-operation between Toshiba and the SpursEngine(TM) SE1000 Partnerships

Toshiba is developing co-operative relationships with many partner companies in order to develop wide scope video solutions that utilize the SpursEngine. For example, Toshiba is partnering with Corel Corporation, whose headquarters are in Canada , and Taiwan -based CyberLink Corporation and Leadtek Research Inc. These companies produce popular video and image processing software and hardware, such as graphic boards, and will together supply to set manufacturers. By working together with these companies and creating a new value chain, many end users can enjoy a comfortable digital life by using partner boards and software bundled with the SpursEngine.

Outline of SpursEngine(TM) SE1000 Product Number BXA32110XBGN Sample Shipping April 2008 Processor SPE 4 core SPE Fully compliant with Cell/B.E.(TM) SPE Instruction Set SIMD RISC/Single & double -precision floating-point arithmetic /DMAC/MMU Memory Interface (XDR(TM) DRAM) 128MB(512Mbit x2), Physical Bandwidth of 12.8GB/s Hardware Video Codec Full HD Capable MPEG2 Encoder and Decoder Full HD Capable H.264 Encoder and Decoder PCI-Express I/F x1, x4 PCI-Express Compliant with Base Specification Revision 1.1 Outline of SpursEngine(TM) Reference Kit Product Name SpursEngine SE1000 Reference Kit Model BXK005000 Main Engine Processing Maximum 48GFlops SpursEngine SE1000 Performance 12GFlops/1SPE Element Core SPEx4 Operating Frequency 1.5GHz Registers 128bit x 128/1SPE Hardware Internal Memory Local Storage 256KB/1SPE Endpoint Host Interface 1 lane link support Functions Compliant Base PCI-Express specification, Revision 1.1 Memory Physical Bandwidth 12.8GB/s XDR(TM)DRAM Memory Size 128MB Basic software, libraries and tool chain for host and Software SPE program development. Sample applications for user programs. * XDR(TM) DRAM is a trademark of Rambus Inc. in the United States and other countries. * SpursEngine(TM) and the logo are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation. * Cell Broadband Engine(TM) and Cell/B.E.(TM) are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

SOURCE Toshiba Corporation

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