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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Stretch and IntelliVision to Release Advanced Video Analytics on the Stretch S6000 Family of Software Configurable Processors

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SUNNYVALE , Calif., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Stretch Inc. and IntelliVision today announced their intention to release IntelliVision's suite of video analytics on the Stretch S6000 family of software configurable processors. This collaboration between Stretch and IntelliVision will make high performance video analytics algorithms available on Stretch software configurable processor-based platforms.

"Stretch S6000 family software configurable processors deliver tremendous processing capability to video surveillance applications," said Bob Beachler , Stretch vice president of marketing. "Our partnership with IntelliVision will take that capability to the next level by allowing us to supply our customers with world class video analytics algorithms to complement the intelligence built in to the Stretch encoding infrastructure."

Video analytics are software algorithms designed to examine video streams to detect, recognize, and search for specific activities or events or certain objects such as people or license plates. When certain behaviors are detected or patterns are recognized, the software alerts operators to the event. By using video analytics to monitor video streams and to guide actions in response to detected events, the performance of a surveillance system is dramatically improved.

IntelliVision's Intelligent Video suite of analytics algorithms includes face detection, video stabilization, video enhancement, and license plate recognition, as well as asset protection, left-object detection, and tracking and counting algorithms. Commenting on the partnership with Stretch, Vaidhi Nathan, president and CEO of IntelliVision, said, "We are seeing a dramatic increase in demand for our video analytics products. One of the impediments to their adoption, however, has been the cost of the incremental compute power required to perform the algorithms. Stretch software configurable processors are the perfect solution to this problem, delivering cost-effective solutions with more than enough compute power to run video compression and analytics in a single chip."

The IntelliVision analytics algorithms will be available on both the Stretch S6105 IP Camera Reference Design Kit and the S6D1X16 16 Channel PCIe DVR Reference Design Kit. These products will be demonstrated at ISC West in Las Vegas , April 2-4 2008 by Stretch in booth #4136 and by IntelliVision in booth #14126.

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