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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Microbridge Enters Analog IC Market With CMOS and Rejustor Based Application-Specific Analog Signal Conditioning Chip

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Microbridge is exhibiting in booth 842 at DesignCon, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara , Calif., and Feb. 4-7. The company is also present at the International Solid State Conference, ISSCC2008, Marriott, San Francisco , Calif., and Feb. 3-7. Dr. Les M. Landsberger , CTO and founder of Microbridge, will be presenting a paper: Session: 32.6 "Single-Chip CMOS Analog Sensor-Conditioning ICs with Integrated Electrically-Adjustable Passive Resistors," at 3:45 PM on Wednesday, February 6 .

Pricing & Availability

Production products will be available in a QFN-16 package. The new MBSTC-02 Bridge is currently sampling and will cost $1.99 each in quantities of 1,000.

For sales enquiries, contact Microbridge at

For more information on rejustors, please click on for a Microbridge technical whitepaper on rejustors. Contest and product images are available at


Rejustors are electrically adjustable MEMS-based micro-resistors whose resistance can be adjusted from the manufactured value with very high precision. Rejustors have the same electrical behavior as quality precision fixed resistors, with the added benefit that the resistance can be adjusted, in-circuit, as required for each application. During adjustment the Rejustors are physically changed to match the electrical response of the sensor. Rejustors take full advantage of standard CMOS technology and are a combination of proven, high-volume technologies that provide an analog replacement for mechanical, digital, and matched component compensation techniques.

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